The world of Undista

Roadside Wreckage

Session two, tsuno

After saving the village (and giving the bad news to the townsfolk) we went onto the road again. Two days out we found the wrecked remains of a caravan. A suspicious character is seen skulking about, we charge it and demand answers.

It is a she, a tall she. An ashigaru woman, very quaint, who manages to convince the group that she is innocent of what happened here. She asks to be of help, and we accept her. Together we follow the strange dog-like tracks to the monsters lair.

Carefully we enter the old fortress. There is a corrider left and one right. We choose the left one. Ever boastful, Elder Primevine, our gajin druid takes the lead.

Three traps later he is hurt badly and Togashi Temoru takes point.

One trap later we come on the lair of the Tsuno and we battle fiercely. Our steel proves to be too much for them, so the base demons resort to foul, black alchemic tricks.

Nonetheless our righteous might prevails.

So we return to the fork and take the other corridor. At the end of that we find an Oni that is infamous for it`s regenerative power. Daunted, but resolute we battle it, Peaceful Sky proves her worth once more, tearing into the Oni like a whirlwind. Backed up by Togashi Temoru and the others we finally, finally manage to kill it.

We kill it with fire, to prevent it from ever rising again.



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