The world of Undista

The Horse-Slaying Oni

session one

The group ride into a smal village, only to find out it is terrorised by a powerful oni, with the title The Horse Slayer.

After a short investigation, the group find out where the Oni live, that they have bakemono allies and that three children have been taken in the last raid.

Halfway we were ambushed by Bakemono ninja. Our gajins animal companion, a raptor called Peaceful Sky, tore though them like lightning. Then the ninjas ran for the hills.

Worried we arrived at the camp. Much to our surprise the Oni were not warned. I do not remember why we set the gate on fire, but we did, then rode up the hill where there was no wall. Then the forces of Yomi arranged themselves for battle. The Oni Horse Slayer charged our boon companion Huang-Ling and sent her and her horse flying into the forest. Togashi Temoru challenged the Oni and drew his attention away for long enough for the rest of the group to kill the remaining Bakemono, and the Oni bodyguard.

Battered and bloodied we searched the camp then purified it with fire. However, the children were all dead and stewed.

Wearily we returned to the little village to bring back the grim news.



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