The world of Undista

The Little Mining Village Disaster


The mission

To investigate the disappearances in this area. A few humans have been found dead, suffocated. Find the source, neutralise it.

Faith is stronger then steel

Inquisitor Cirillo and his band of hand-picked scum and criminals arrive in the little mining village I forgot the name of. (LMV for short) After bashing together quick cover for their stay (A docter, his nurse and the psychiatric patients, they head to town.

And find it is really, really small, just a temple, a tavern, a general store and an apothecary. The party splits up and each does something for him or herself. Kellar goes to commune with the spirit of this lands earth. Dellany is investigating the cemetary. Lugg tries to buy sulpher and other ingredients for new bombs, etc.

Then Delany is attacked by hands! Reanimated dead hands (no body attached) Kellar runs to her aid as she is viciously mauled. After a while the others run there too. Only to find Kellar and Dellany beat of the first wave. The second wave is dealt with summarily.

Further investigation reveals that the hands had been going into a rabbits hole. So Cyrillio orders Lugg to blow the damn thing up. Kellar starts running the second he hears that order. Luggs crafts are taboo to him.

Lugg does so. Over the area of hundred yards fountains of fire and dirt arise. These burrows were quite extensive, and now completely demolished.

The Inquisitor then walks around the perimeter and finds a trail. The party follows it, Kellar seems to grow with each step leading into the cold harsh mountains of the Dwarven realm. Hours later they come to a valley riddled with caves. The party starts the long task of searching every one of them.

In one of the first they find a bear den, with the bear and cubs dead, but otherwise completely untouched. Someone killed them just to make this area safe for ‘them’.

The second has a trap in it, a slim thread about an inch of the ground. It is spotted and the group examines it and decides it is better to step over it, carefully, and continue on. Lugg uses some of the glowing fungi growing here to make a subtle sign, should the band have to race out.

However Delany <or> can not resist the temptation of fingerflicking the thread, strumming it like a harps chord.

Cyrillio is not amused. He explains, (loudly) that this was a trap to notify the inhabitants and that she just triggered it. He orders her to step on the wire ‘to learn’. The group becomes restless, desiring to push on or retreat, anything but staying here and waiting…

The girl refuses and Cyrillio has to cajole and threaten her to step on it. Eventually she does…

..and nothing seems to happen. Now, finally Cyrillio orders everyone to go into the deep dark cave.

They come upon a fork in the road, one arm of the cave goes left, the other right. There they are commanded to split up. Kellar, Cyrillio and <whatshername> go right, the others go left.

Kellar is caught by something. It tries to strangle him and pull him up by the neck. It succeeds and he is incapacitated, nearly dying. Cyrillio shoots the blighter, but his gun makes a weird sound after that.

The others in the other arm of the caves, stand about and dither, discussing what they should do. Eventually they return, to find the critter dead, and a very heavily battered Kellar lying still on the ground.

They examine the creature, determining it is a choker and due to it`s method of attack is the culprit of the disappearances. <whatshername> examines Kellar and find him just barely alive, so she uses what she has left to heal him so he can walk. But not much more. Lugg offers some of his own healing. A Syringe filled with stimulants. Kellar refuses, saying it is taboo to his people.

<whatshername> frowns, take a syringe and plunges it into Kellar. He screams in terror and reflexively hacks at <whatshername> nearly killing her in one powerful blow. Cyrillio loses it and intervenes, barking orders and cursing the stupidity of folk here. <whatshername> Strikes back and Kellar hits the dirt, again.

Then the kobolds attack.

They are careful and sneaky, but the party manages to kill one and put the other to flight. Discussing their options briefly, they search the kobolds and the choker and leave. Once by the fork they see more kobolds, shooting at them from the other arm. Cyrillio orders Lugg to blow that corridor closed. It is done and the party goes outside and bring Kellar around again.

Kellar is thoroughly demoralised, his Grampy has just informed him, that because he allowed a taboo thing inside him he must be punished. He says so, and Cyrillio grins and assigns <whatshername> to be his personal slave as punishment for her stupidity and actions in the cave.

Then the group splits up once more. Kellar, his slave and Lugg stay behind to smoke out the rest of the Kobolds. It would not do to leave them alive. Cyrillio take Delany and heads back to the village. One of the Kobolds carried a letter on him, from the priest of the village agreeing to supply slave to the kobolds. Cyrillio promises to ‘deal with that’



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