The world of Undista

The Little Mining Village Disaster (part 2)


Mission Wrap up.

In the hands of the righteous Zeal is it`s own justification.

Kellar and <whatshername> have some fun on the mountain as they watch the kobold lair be smoked out. No more kobolds surface. She tells him her terrible secret: She has another personality that is mean, viscious and selfish. She has her offensive spells. So she didn`t hurt him, it was ‘the other’. Although he is not completely convinced, Kellar looks in her eyes and finds no lie there, so he offers to find a way to remove the bad spirit.

Hours later the party regroups at the tavern, enjoying a well earned night of fun. Kellar is grumpy since he can not have a drink. but all in all it is a good night. The choker is dead, the kobolds are not a threat anymore and the priest has been dealt with. So Kellar takes <whatshername> to his bed. And Cyrillio takes Delany to his. Lugg is left unattended…

The next morning the sherrif, his deputy and two goons visit the party during breakfast. The sherrif wants to ask a few questions about the murder of the priest. Cyrillio objects to this accusation and the sherrif informs them that it is just procedure, since they are strangers/travellers.

Then begins a long series of time-wasting excercises. Delany is sent up to collect Lugg. He takes a quarter hour to pack up all his things. When Lugg is downstairs, Cyrillio goes to his room to dress and shave and what not.

But after all that everyone is in the common room and Cyrillio and the sherrif spar about the need to go to his office and answer some questions. The party just looks on. After a while the tone turns agressive. And the barmaid senses this and leaves in haste. Cyrillio orders Kellar to grab her and return her. The sherrif orders everyone to stay put. Kellar is confused. Then <whatsherface> offers to get her for him and he accepts.

The sherrif orders his deputy to stop <whatsherface> and Cirillio objects to that and draws his gun. And the fight starts. At first Cirilio orders to not kill them, but as the fight drags on he changes his mind and orders for all to be killed. However due to the din and the confusion not all hear the orders well enough.

<whatsherface> Then uses the spell Fireburst and this starts a fire in the tavern as well as scorching Delaney horribly. The law runs out, dragging the unconcious witch behind them. The party dashes out as well and the fight continues on the streets. The townfolk look on in awe and fear. Kellar takes another dirtnap. Then Cyrillio shoots the sherrif and the townsfolk stare and stare. Delaney’s life is barely just in time by lugg’s injections.

“Fuckit, kill them all. Kill all the townsfolk, burn everything down.” Is the next order.

So starts the complete slaughter of LMV. A rider on a horse tries to flee. It is Belkar, the deputy. Quickly the party aware of this tries to stop him and fail. Luckily Cyrillio knows he has a wife and three children. Leaving Lugg and Kellar to finish the slaughter, he takes the rest to kidnap Belkar`s family.

After two hours, Kellar and Lugg have looted, killed and levelled the LMV. Cyrillio returns with a cupboard filled with hostages. After a bit of idiodicy the group sets off, the hostages firmly tied up. All the swag hoisted on a light cart. Cyrillio leaves a message at the towns noticeboard for Belkar informing him to meet them, alone in two and a half days.

Glum the group heads for a nearby lake to wait for Belkar…

Two and a half days later there is no sign of Belkar. Cyrillio holds a speech about how it is the groups fault that the entire village had to be destroyed, pointing out what went wrong. Empasising that to be brought in by the sherrif was a sure way to exposing the Inquisition`s hand in this matter.

Then the hostages are killed. Because they wouldn`t coƶperate. Kellar and <whatsherface> take the time to send the mother and her children off, cremating the bodies and giving them the coppers needed to buy their way into the afterlife and the blessings to save them from soul stealers.

…Now… Where to go, and how to go there without being seen and risk arrest?



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