The world of Undista

To the Wall!

Returning to the wreckage, we find three children that have survived the attack, we take them with us.

First we return to the little village, since it is closest. Togashi Temoru and the gajin stay behind to see to the dead. Once there, the local priest finds out that Togashi Temoru made a horrible mistake angering the dead spirits instead of placating them. Ashamed the samurai and his companions set out the the city of the Wall.

Once there we hit the teahouses and listen to the rumours. We hear about a haunted house, about the Dragons of Fire being restless, that the foreigners are holding a relatively honest and honourable fighting tournament and that a wedding has lessened tensions between the houses of the Dragon. But only temporarily.

After Togashi Temoru has introduced himself to his house elder, they arrange a meeting with the house treasurer to hand over the magic items they found. For the Armour of the Last Stand we gain a small favour with the house of the Fire Dragon, most of the other weapons net us a nice pouch of coins. The sword called Icedragon is not so welcomed, but the group press the Treasurer to re-examine it.

Without much more to do, the group decide to look into this haunted house. It is claimed to have been haunted (and empty) forever. Only after a lot of digging is it revealed that his house used to belong to a family of the Void Dragons.

So, at the witching hour, the group enters the house. After having taken extensive measures to enter properly and call out any benificent ghosts to welcome them. The whole house is empty and deserted. Except for the pantry.

That is full of starving ghouls and one ghast.

Togashi Temoru manages to score just a single hit before succumbing to the foul creatures black plague, paralysing him for the entire fight. Bereft of their strongest fighter, the group struggles, but manages to wrangle victory from the maw of defeat.

How do ghouls starve when they live in a city?

The answer is that the doorway is lined with a powerful ward against undead. Chuda Hebi smiles and meticulously writes down the ward for later use. Meanwhile Khu Li-Hua whatsit and Temoru search the cellar, finding nothing.

So they head to the second floor. There they find a weeping girl that only says:


So we play with her. Temoru once more upsets a ghost. She shows him her full face, and nearly kills him with shock. The entire lower jaw of her face is completely missing.

The others talk some sense into her, asking how they can help her. Without a word, she rises to her feet and leads the way to the cellar.

Now they see what the cellar was used for, one fateful night. The master of the house, sacrificed the childs jawbone in return for demonic power.

‘Luckily’ he made a mistake, and everyone was killed. Later that night everyone killed rose as a ghoul. We find the jawbone, and some treasure and return the bone to the child. She walks away, into jigoku.

We make preperations to claim the house as our own the next morning.



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