A drunken lout with a big sword. Seems nothing more than a thug.


Level 2 Human shaman, standard build. Enough crunch.

Judging from his big build and the way that he walks, this big black man is used to being the biggest, strongest around. His choice of armaments reflects this preference.

What draws your eye first are the elaborate scars on his face, they cover the entire face in intricate patterns, almost changing his face with every expression. He blinks a lot, way too much actually.

His chain shirt is a little too short for him and the left side has been stitched together with a bit of string. Clearly someone cleaved the former wearer. He`s also wearing comfortable leather pants with studded patches covering his vital points.

But what your eyes linger on, is the massive looking Greatsword strapped to his back. The hilt alone is a work of art, featuring two lions rampant as a parrying bar. And a large ball as the counterweight, covered in runes of some sort.

Too bad it has been made out of brass, polished to a mirror sheen.



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