Amulet of the earthmother

Protective amulet


This Silver pentagram is filed with onyx. And protects young witches, any anyone else wearing it for that matter.

Etched in the back is the number 125

It’s basically an amulet of protection +1


Hundreds of years ago this amulet and many like it were forged by an old witch as a gift for her pupils. A young witch could use the protective hand of the earthmother shielding her during her journeys. And so Young witches were given this amulet after they finished their vows and basic training.

The coven from which these amulets came is longsince wiped out. But the amulets still remain Scattered throughout the land. Legend has it that if all the amulets are ever brought together under the full moon that the earth mother herself will come to bless her assembled children and apoint her favorite. How many Amulets there are is a mystery.

Many witches have tried to summon the earthmother over the years, but all have failed. As many as a hundred witches has gathered together thusfar.

Amulet of the earthmother

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