Ring of second chance

This ring might save your life one day


This plain golden ring will automatically activate when the wearer either reaches negative hit points (up to max con) or 0 hit points, when in the negative hit points the ring will stabilize the wearer with a stabilaze spell so he will not lose any hit points, when the wearer reaches 0 hit points the ring will automatically give the wearer 1 hit point like a stabilaze spell. This ring has only one charge and after that has been used it is a normal golden ring worth 1 gold, it can be recharged by a cleric with the stabilaze spelll (price DM choice).


These rings were created by the church of Sarenrae during a time it had sent out many a new cleric on a quest to prove themselves to the church; the high cleric thought that it would be better for the younger clerics to return so they created these rings to give them some protection from death.

Ring of second chance

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