Steam Powered Chainsaw

A spinning toothed blade attached to your hand

weapon (melee)

This large metal barrel is filled with water and a large metal rod is attached to the lower part of the barrel; the rod itself is enchanted with a permanent heat metal (see description of the spell) spell and is command word activated. The barrel itself is strapped to the back of the wearer.
Once the command word is spoken (usually on/off) the metal rod will heat itself and the water around will start to boil and vaporize, the steam that is created will move itself through a flexible metal tube into a device that is attached to the arm of the user.
Within the device the steam will turn all the small gears setting the rotating blade in motion, it takes one full round for the water to heat up enough for it to vaporize and the chainsaw can be used for ten rounds before the user needs to fill it up again with enough water.
While unpowered the user can strike with the blade of the chainsaw as if it were a normal sword dealing 1d6 points of slashing damage; while activated the weapon deals 2d12 points of slashing damage.

Steam Powered Chainsaw
Cost 1500 gp
Damage 1d6/2d12
Crit 20/x3
Weight 100 lbs
Type Slashing


Steam Powered Chainsaw

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