Nomad lands

The rule of law is not for everyone. Some people are smothered under the many rules concerning day to day life. These seek the freedom of the open plains, away from idiotic rules forced upon you, just because you were born in this or that country, or worse, in this bed and not one a mere thirty yards further.

For these free spirited folk there is the Nomad Lands.

Of course, without law, or a central authority imposing order, banditry and tyranny have free reign. Many are drawn by the prospect of complete freedom, not to live freely, but to steal and take without consequence.

Many criminals and those pursuing dark arts or aims go to the Nomad Lands.

In this mix of idealism and perversion the unique culture of the Nomads were born.

The name

The reason no country claimed these lands is because the earth itself is not usefull for any kind of agriculture. Some tried keeping cattle on it, but that always will be a risky venture. Before the Nomads, many wild and ferocious monsters enjoyed the free and easy foodsource offered by the ranchers.

Then the first of the tribes had the idea of keeping your herd moving, never staying in the same place twice. They were led by Nomad, a ranger tired of being ruled by another. In the wild untamed plains he found his heaven. Always sleeping under another sky.

He would have been forgotten had it not been for an unnamed cowpoke with a bright idea. Somehow he convinced Nomad to go along with his mad scheme of keeping the cows moving from day to day. He asked the ranger to scout ahead, looking for good grazing with a minimum of monsters.

Surprisingly, it worked out rather well.

The bandits

After five years of merely having to worry about monsters and animals, a new predator stalked the herd: Cattle rustlers. At first they were a nuissance, and easily scared off, but soon, they grew more and more in number. Forcing the Nomads deeper and deeper into the plains.

And forcing the Nomads to recruit more folk to guard the cattle. Amongst this second wave of Nomads there was a young girl named Lissy, who wasn`t recruited, but just showed up with a strange wand. She told the story of how her father had discovered a strange new magic, a magic anyone could use. Without needing the Talent. Jealous merchants and fearfull Mages did everything they could to either get the secret, or squelch it.

Luckily, Lissy was regarded as being too dense to know the secret, yet still the Mage Lords of <whatsthatplace> decided to have her killed. That is why she needed to flee to where the mages could not find her. Nomad knew just the place. For reasons unknown he agreed to take her to this place. Alone.

The Dead Lands

Nomad knew of a place where no magic could be worked, deep, deep in what we now call the Nomad Lands, splitting it in two. It took two full years to arrive there, since Lissy, being a city girl could not survive on her own at first. So Nomad taught her what she needed to know.

He took her to see a strange place with monoliths balancing impossibly.

“Whatever you do… Never, ever enter that ring of stone.”


“No one ever returns.”


“No, they just vanish.”

What happened after this, no one knows. Some say Lissy died out there alone. Some say Nomad stayed with her in the desert, bound not by law or promise, but by love. Some say that at the end of their lives, these two star-struck explorers left the village they help build and entered the circle of stone, never to be seen again.

Discovering the undiscovered country.


Whatever the myth, a hamlet sprung up in the Dead Lands, where those deemed heretics could gather and pursue their weird ventures. Making devices and things that should not work, but miraculously did.

Chief amongst these are the Firedarts, as they were originally known, or the gun as we call them today. Thanks to that famous Outlaw-turned revolutionary-turned king Gunn Todd. On the vast plains the superior range and devastating killing power of this temperamentful device proved pivotal in finally subduing the monster threat.

The sensible monsters, seeing that their brutal superiority had been removed. Came to the Nomads with offers of peace. Magnimously the Nomads agreed, integrating monsters and monstrous humanoids into their tribes.

The original tribe of the Nomad fell apart soon after their leaders died or disappeared. Splitting up in the many tribes that roam the plains to this very day. Each is a nation unto itself, with strange customs and bizarre taboos

Nomads now

This all made the Nomad Lands what they are today. Strange, wild, untamed, exotic, and extremely dangerous. All that enter risk being killed by monsters, animals, starvation or dehydration, bandits, evil spellcasters or by breaking a taboo they never heard off.

This is a harsh land, beautiful but savage and the people that live here are no less so. Hire yourself a really good guide if you wish to venture here. Or pray to your god or gods that you will be lucky.

Nomad lands

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