Religeon of the Twin Dragon Empire

Kami Emperror and Empress

Kami Empress (f):
Lady Sun (Saranrae). Portfolio; sun, redemption, Fire, honesty, healing. Domains; Fire, Glory, Good, Healing, Sun. Weapon; Philosophers sword (longsword). Alignment Neutral Good.

Kami Emperor (m):
Lord Moon (Lamashtu) Portfolio; madness, monsters, nightmares. Domains; Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Madness, Strength, Trickery, Darkness. Weapon; Nine ring broadsword. Alignment Chaotic Evil.

Kami lords:

Hachiman (Iomedea) (m):
Kami of valor, rulership, justice, honor. Domains; Glory, Good, Law, Sun, War. Weapon; Katana (bastard sword). Alignment Lawful Good.

Omoikane (Irori) (f):
Kami of history, knowledge, self-perfection. Domains; Healing, Knowledge, Law, Rune, Strength. Weapon; Fists. Alignment Neutral.

Inari (Erastil) (f):
Kami of farming, hunting, trade, family. Domains; Animal, Community, Good, Law, Plant. Weapon; Daikyu (longbow). Alignment Lawful Neutral.

Raijin (Gozreh) (m):
Kami of thunder, weather, the sea. Domains; Air, Water, Weather. Weapon; Trident. Alignment Chaotic Neutral.

Benzaiten (f)
Kami of crafting, words, magic, art. Domains; charm, magic, nobility, rune, artifice. Weapon; Iron brush. Alignment Neutral Good.

Bishamonten (m)
Kami of protection, luck, guards, wariors, law. Domains; law, liberation, luck, protection. Weapon; Sansetsukon (three section staff). Alignment neutral.

Daikokuten (Cayden Cailean) (f)
Kami of freedom, taverns, wine, bravery. Domains; Chaos, Charm, luck, Strength, Travel. Weapon; Fighting fan. Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Daichi (m)
Kami of earth, life, death, longlevity. Domains; Death, Earth, Healing, Plant, Repose. Weapon; Tetsubo (great club). Alignment Neutral

As there are a lot of kami in the Shinto belief system players are welcome to make their own kami.

Religeon of the Twin Dragon Empire

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