Twin Dragon Empire great clans

Empress clans

Dove clan (crane), diplomats of peace: Doves clad in white wander all through the divided empire, they are diplomats to the core either negotiating peace between clans and farmers alike.

Snake clan (scorpion), guardians of honour: the Snakes are a clan of deceit and misdirection, blackmail and lies. The Snakes will use any tactic to discredit his enemies, draw them into dishonour, and use their shame to destroy them. However, they do it as part of their duty.

Koi clan (mantis), scholars of the sea: the Koi was the first clan to come in contact with the western world bringing the dwarfish and gnomish inventions of guns to the east. Traders by nature the Koi also have another task, they preserve and develop new technology for the empire.

Neutral clan

Dragon clan, the divided five;
ruled by the council of five the dragon clan stays neutral in this war, preferring to work as a mediator for both sides.

Water, the diplomats: the dragon diplomats, as shrewd as a Snake and skill full as a Dove they value
negotiation above violence but do not shun it.

Wind, the scholars: a mixture of Komainu and koi the wind house values all sorts of knowledge and hoards it in their tower.

Fire, the warriors: passion, passion to fuel ones desire to fight and perfection of the martial form this is house fire.

Earth, the guardians: a body as hard as stone, a will as implacable as a mountain this is house earth, they make sure the rest of the houses follow the orders given.

Void, the spies: the eyes and ears of the Dragon clan informing the five of what is going on in the empire and outside of it.

Emperor clans

Turtle clan (crab), defenders of man: usually clad in thick armour the members f the turtle clan are slow to anger and slow to react. But once roused they will see anything through to the end.

Horse clan (unicorn), emperors thunder: anybody who has ever seen some of the Horse clan together know why they are called the emperors thunder, as dozens of horses charge into the same direction.

Komainu clan (phoenix), guardians of myth: scholars of myth and legend the Komainu are shugenja and other casters hoarding any knowledge that may help them understand magic better.

Twin Dragon Empire great clans

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